What you need to know about Estate Planning

We've developed these easy to read guides about estate planning so you can prepare a will or Enduring Powers of Attorney.  Choose one of the buttons below to read more.

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An essential estate planning guide 

This easy to read guide about Estate Planning provides you with the basic information to get you thinking about wills, EPAs and what you need to get organised. 

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'Good to know' videos

Below are some informative short animated videos from our partner Public Trust that cover things you need to know when thinking about making wills and EPAs 

instructions - online wills (estate planning)


Online Wills: Step-by-step instructions 

Making wills is quick and easy with Public Trust Online platform

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What are EPAs?

We find that not many Kiwis know what an enduring power of attorney is, or what it’s needed for

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epas choosing your attorney


Choosing your attorney

Who should represent your interests if you can no longer make your own decisions? 

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online wills - choose an executor



Who will ensure the terms of your will are carried out? Watch our video to find out more.

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online wills - how to devide


Special Gift

Will you make any special gifts, such as jewellery, a family heirloom or a lump sum of money?

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choosing guardians for your child



A guardian represents your preferences for your kids if you’re no longer around.

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 Recommended Reading


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Things to consider before making wills   


It seems that many Kiwis don’t think that they need a will and assume that their assets will automatically go to those closest to them if something happens.

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Common questions about Wills (5 MIN READ)

No matter how straightforward your circumstances, having a current will makes sure everyone understands what you’d like done with your estate.

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Want to know about EPAs? (5 MIN READ)

EPAs are legal documents that allow you to appoint someone you trust to make important decisions on your behalf if you can’t make these decisions yourself due to illness or injury.

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How to create online wills & EPAs (3 MIN READ)

Creating online wills is quick and easy in your own time from the comfort of your home with just 5 simple steps:

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