Would  $1000 for doctors, BE GOOD?

If you are a participating member of either NZEI, PPTA, PSA, TEU, TIASA and ISEA , you are eligible to join HealthCarePlus, a not-for-profit organisation, co-owned by the six unions.
 With our Primary Care Extra plan, you and your family can reduce the costs of a wide range of healthcare treatment including: dental, optical, physiotherapy, GP's and other benefits.

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Our most comprehensive & practical ‘day-to-day’ plan with

  • up to $2,200* collectively for dental, optical, GP costs, specialist & test, and complementary medical.
  • up to $1000 towards the cost of private hospital treatment
  • up to $1000 for Medical Appliance & Major Diagnostic Imaging
  • a contribution towards Sick Leave where the Subscriber is required to take sick leave without pay due to illness.

Plus many more benefits from just $6.27** per week. All pre-existing conditions are covered and you also eligible to register for our wellbeing program for FREE.

To find out more about what's covered, when to claim & how much, click the button below.


9 out of 10 Members said "It's good to belong"

It covers my doctor’s visits and prescription at 50%. I have used it twice to pay the excess on surgery. I can use it for podiatrists and change of vision lenses. I am happy with this.

LC, Member since 1987 from Stratford

So positive. It is my cheapest healthcare insurance and I claim so regularly. I am sure I receive in GP/Dental and pharmacy refunds more than my premiums are.

 TT, Member since 2015 from Auckland

Communication good. Any queries always answered to my satisfaction. Very affordable rates - mainly used for doctor"s visits and change of vision with my glasses.

 SW, Member since 1986 from Auckland

 I have an added sense of security knowing that there is some support available for medical costs at a reasonable premium. As a single person there may be times when I need a more expensive medical procedure that will affect me financially so Health Care insurance will be helpful if this occurs.

PS, Member since 2017 from Whakatane


I appreciate your efforts to be up-to-date with health trends and it seems that you endeavour to reach out to your clients, even if I just skim through at times! All positive, I feel trusted and fairly treated thank you.

MP, Member since 2016 from Christchurch


 Really pleased I am able to have a cover that isn't too expensive while on one wage with two kids. When ringing, emailing and claiming I have always had fast, efficient and helpful communications with people.

C H, Upper Hutt, Member since 1998


Any claims I have made during the many years I have been a member, have been processed with efficiency and within a short time frame. My Health Care Representative has been excellent, and is always available and willing to explain and clarify any claim issues or concerns.

PB, Kerikeri, Member since 1993


 We have been a member of Health Care Plus for over 15years. It has provided cover and benefits for our family at an affordable rate over this time . One family member also had several accident and health issues to recover from. Part payment for the procedures and xrays at the time was very helpful and appreciated.

MB, Member since 1998 from Christchurch

The online process was easy to follow and the claim paid out quickly. I put a claim in generally twice a year. I use the online form and find it easy to use. Everything goes smoothly so I have not needed to make any further contact beyond the normal process.


SH, Member since 2017 from Hamilton


It's quick, easy and efficient - what a great team behind the scenes. Our family struggles with budgeting out of our pay packets, but with HealthCarePlus we don't hesitate in accessing health services when we need them as the claims process is so easy.


DB, Member since 2018 from Dunedin


If you're a member of one of the unions below and not yet a HealthCarePlus Member, why not take a closer look?

We have 3 plans that range from our basic coverage which is Primary Care to our most comprehensive plan which is Primary Care Extra. These plans have less of the usual barriers and exclusions to join and often pay out more each year to typical families, than they cost. So please look at the table below to compare which plan offers you the best cover for you and/or your family's needs:


from just $6.27** per week for qualifying union members

from just $3.60** per week for qualifying union members

from just $3.96** per week for qualifying union members

Dental up to $350pa No Cover up to $250pa
Optical up to $350pa
Includes exam
up to $250pa
Includes exam
up to $250pa
Includes exam
  Medical, Specialists, and Tests (inc GP visits)
Medical, Specialists, and Tests (inc GP visits) up to $1000pa up to $750pa up to $250pa
  Complementary Medical e.g. Physio
Complementary Medical e.g. Physio up to $500pa up to $400pa up to $250pa
  Hospital Treatment
Hospital Treatment up to $1000pa up to $700pa No Cover
  Major Diagnostic Imaging
Major Diagnostic Imaging up to $600pa up to $600pa No Cover
  Medical Appliance
Medical Appliance up to $400pa up to $400pa No Cover
  Orthodontic Treatment
Orthodontic Treatment up to $750pa per insured child - $1500 max up to $750pa per insured child - $1500 max No Cover
  Sick Leave Without Pay
Sick Leave Without Pay up to $50 per week -
Max 26 weeks
up to $50 per week -
Max 26 weeks
No Cover
  Bereavement Grant
Bereavement Grant $1000 per life insured $1000 per life insured No Cover
  Birth Grant
Birth Grant $200 per birth $200 per birth No Cover
  Free access to Health & Wellbeing program
Free Access to Health & Wellbeing program
  Cover for Pre-Existing Conditions after initial wait periods
Cover for Pre-Existing Conditions after initial wait periods