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Insurance...and what you need to know

A Simple Guide on How Insurance Works


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Making Insurance easy to understand so you can make good choices all the time

Helping to improve our Members financial well-being is a core part of why we exist and along with our commitment to education and knowledge we are developing a series of resources to help our Members become more financially resilient.

And so, starting with Insurance, we aim to take the confusion out of getting protected and stop making buying insurance so hard.

Life is full of risks, unexpected things can happen at anytime, so at different stages of our lives we require different types of insurance to give us the peace of mind that we are protected if the unexpected occurs.

If you're thinking about insurance but don't know whether you need it or not, then this guide is for you.

In this Guide, you will find answers for:

  • What is Insurance?
  • How Insurance Works?
  • What Insurance I need
  • Common Types of Insurance
  • What to Consider when Buying Insurance
  • Get the Right Advice
  • Glossary


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