Full Hospital Cover that offers up to

$300,000* of surgery cover

(per admission per year)

Plus, cover for many pre-existing conditions after 3 years

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A Real Protection for the Unexpected

An exclusive and important benefit of Hospital Select is that it covers many pre-existing conditions

after a period of three years. This can be important if you have had health issues in the past and would like to

have them covered in the future. It is ideal if you are looking for a plan that provides comprehensive cover for

major unexpected illnesses requiring surgery, hospitalisation, cancer treatment, and a wide range of specialist

consultations, scans and tests. And it is designed to keep premiums affordable, and sustainable over time.

— What's covered?


Pre-Existing Conditions Covered after 3 years 

As a bonus of joining the HealthCarePlus Hospital Select Plan, UniMed provides cover for many pre-existing conditions after you have been insured in the scheme for 3 years. As part of their offer they will provide details as to any conditions that they will provide cover for after 3 years and any serious medical condition that will be excluded for the life of the policy.

What is a pre-existing Condition?

  1.  A pre-existing condition is a health or medical condition that was in existence on or before the person’s Cover Start Date.
  2. At that time the person: 
  •  May have known about the condition; or
  •  May not have known about the condition, but did know of a health history or symptoms which could have indicated the possible existence of the condition to a medical practitioner. 

If any of these conditions are developed after joining the HCP Hospital plan they would be fully covered subject to the normal terms and conditions of the plan.

However, there are some pre-existing conditions that are permanently excluded for the life of the scheme; (Cardiovascular/vascular related conditions, Conditions that may result in the requirement for joint replacement surgery, musculoskeletal conditions including injuries, Cancer, Gynaecological disorders).


Hospital Select

General Surgery


  • Surgeons’ and Anaesthetist’s fee
  • Surgically Implanted Prostheses
  • Hospital fees, in a Licensed Private Hospital*
  • Post Operative Physiotherapy fees from a Registered Physiotherapist
  • Home Nursing by a Registered Nurse*
Benefit maximum may apply
Hospital Select

Minor Surgery


  • Registered Medical Specialist* not requiring general anaesthetic
  • Registered Medical Practitioner* not requiring general anaesthetic
  • Minor Skin Lesions removed by a Registered Medical Practitioner in General Practice
Benefit maximum may apply
Hospital Select

Cancer Care


  • Consultations** 
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgery
  • Radiation oncology
  • Chemotherapy

**6 months prior and 6 months after surgery

Benefit maximum may apply
Hospital Select



  • Consultations
  • X-rays
  • Mammograms
  • Ultrasounds

Waiting period: 6 months prior & 6 months after surgery

Benefit maximum may apply
Hospital Select



  • CT Scan, MRI Scan & PET Scan
  • Cardioversion
  • Myocardial Perfusion Scan
  • Scintigraphy
  • Surgical imaging - colonoscopy and gastroscopy
Benefit maximum may apply
Hospital Select

Rewards for Loyalty


  • Sterilisation procedures*
  • Overseas surgery* - A grant is payable of 75% of usual and customary charge for the identical procedure in New Zealand.
  • Obesity surgery grant*
Benefit maximums may apply

(*) See our policy document for more details

What Our Members Say

I've told my health colleagues from University they would be mad not to join HealthCare Plus. Great family friendly insurance polices and friendly helpful service. I've belonged for years. Very happy.

LC, Canterbury, Member since 2012

So positive. It is my cheapest healthcare insurance and I claim so regularly. I am sure I receive in GP/Dental and pharmacy refunds more than my premiums are.


 T T, Auckland

Communicates well with me. I feel informed and updated. There is general information about health and wellbeing that I appreciate getting and I get timely responses to questions and requests


KC, Porirua, Member since 1986

 Really pleased I am able to have a cover that isn't too expensive while on one wage with two kids. When ringing, emailing and claiming I have always had fast, efficient and helpful communications with people.


C H, Upper Hutt, Member since 1998

Any claims I have made during the many years I have been a member, have been processed with efficiency and within a short time frame. My Health Care Representative has been excellent, and is always available and willing to explain and clarify any claim issues or concerns.

PB, Kerikeri, Member since 1993

I have been in the scheme since 1969 andI have been with EBS and followed it through all the various permutations since about 1986. It has served me well and enables me not to think twice about visiting the doctor if I should.

JR, Member since 1987, Auckland

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