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Health Insurance and what you need to know

A Simple Guide on How Health Insurance Works


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Making Health Insurance easy to understand so you can make good choices all the time

Helping to improve our Members financial well-being is a core part of why we exist and along with our commitment to education and knowledge we are developing a series of resources to help our Members become more financially resilient.

This guide outlines some of the reasons you might choose private healthcare and how insurance can help you to access and fund this. Health insurance can help you to take care of your everyday wellbeing, aids a speedy diagnosis and recovery through reduced waiting times, and helps to pay for some or all of the treatment that you need.

There are different health insurance products to meet your needs, with a number of market providers to choose from.

In this Guide, you will find answers for:

  • What is Health Insurance?
  • Why get Health Insurance?
  • The different Types
  • Understanding your cover
  • What to Ask or Look for in an Insurer
  • How much will it cost without Health Insurance
  • Get Expert Advice


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