It's Good to Belong

We regularly ask our Members to tell us why it's good to belong ,  so you don't need to take our word for it .  We've collected a few of them below, so that you can read in their own words what they think of our healthcare plans,  how easy it is to make claim and why it's good to belong.

— About our plans


I've really enjoyed the wrap around service this health care provides. It was because of the generous offer to cover three therapy sessions as part of the well being newsletter that I signed myself up for therapy. I have continued after the three sessions and have been really appreciative that my psych sessions are partially covered.

TR, Member since 2020 from Auckland 27/09/2022

It is a great option for families and helps with covering day to day health bills especially doctor visits and prescriptions

VS, Member since 1988 from Palmerston North 28/06/2021

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It deals with our needs and is a comfort when we need medical care - knowing we won't have to pay the full amount.

CB, Member since 1999 from Tauranga 29/10/2020

Good value as covers a wide range of health expenses for health conditions that don't require surgery. Great that coverage has extended to people who are pro-active in maintaining their health (regular dental and vision checks, molemap).

JI, Member since 2002 from Lower Hutt 24/03/2022

When my husband passed unexpectedly, I didn’t have to fill forms to get the benefit related to his passing. It was amazing at a very stressful time. Much appreciated how it was all handled.

JB, Member since 2000 from New Plymouth 26/07/2022

Forms are easy to follow and fill out. Refund arrived within a few days. I've always found the staff very helpful. The benefits are good to premium paid ratio.

VR, Member since 1999 from Auckland 23/03/2022

So positive. It is my cheapest healthcare insurance and I claim so regularly. I am sure I receive in GP/Dental and pharmacy refunds more than my premiums are.

TT, Member since 2015 from Auckland 03/06/2020

Very affordable; policy documents are well set out and easy to read; quick processing of claims; hardly had any issues; good policy coverage and therefore, good value for money

MR, Member since 2016 from Halmiton 11/06/2020

— About our claim experience


Brilliant service. Love being able to file claims online and very quick to pay out. Feels lke you are actually a company doing the best for their customers

AM, Member since 2009, Whakatane 26/07/2022

Positive. Claim forms are easy to fill in, it can all be done online and reimbursement occurs fast.

AM, Member since 2017 from Christchurch 29/10/2020

I'm impressed with the ease of claiming and the range of treatments covered.

IS, Member since 1986 from Wellington 26/08/2020

Easy to claim, so glad I have this cover for my family, been absolute value for money.

ST, Member since 2016 from Tauranga 25/06/2020

I have been a member since clerical workers came under the NZEI umbrella and I have valued my membership. Claims are always processed quickly and it just gets easier with technology.

ML, Member since 1995 from Haumoana 26/02/2021

Any enquiries answered efficiently on the phone and claims processed quickly. I have always found HealthCarePlus easy to deal with and as I mentioned earlier, claims are always processed quickly.

KH, Member since 2005 from Whangarei 25/03/2022

Easy to complete form and send through to Unimed. It was actioned quickly and reimbursed soon after. A trouble-free experience. Positive, supportive and great value for money.

SW, Member since 1986 from Auckland 24/03/2022

The claims process is really easy and the payments are made quickly. Speaking to the people over the phones isn't a stress and there's no wait times. If only we could say the same about other service providers!

JB, Member since 2017 from Lower Hutt 29/07/2021

The claims experience is really easy, especially now I can complete it online and submit it this way. When I needed some support I got through quite quickly to a staff member who was friendly and very helpful.

SJ, Member since 1999 from Hamilton 26/07/2022

— Why it's good to belong


I have been a member for 34 years. I was especially pleased that I could remain a member post retirement for the same premium. This makes me feel valued for the service I gave to Tertiary education. I find the manual mode I use for claims , woks well for me, prompt service, easy access for any queries. 0ne hundred percent professional, friendly service.

CT, Member since 2001 from Napier 27/09/2022

Everyone needs to know how good this is.I have talked to other family members and they were not aware.They work as.teachers. More publicity at the schools? 

HQ, Member since 1988 from Nelson 28/07/2021

Great service, very affordable. Unlike any other insurance companies. I feel like they are there to help us. 

MY, Member since 2000 from Wellington 28/02/2022

Really good, caring and understanding, trying very hard to make health care affordable and accessible

JD, Member since 2015 from Auckland 24/06/2020

 Healthcare Plus has been my first health insurance provider. I'm so grateful to have signed up when I did, as after that I had a raft of health issues and needed specialist visits and hospital care. Covid had extended the hospital waiting lists, but being a member meant I could make choices. Previously I just would have been stuck. Now I'm well, and grateful!

RC, Member since 2019 from Hamilton 25/03/2022

I find Health Care Plus provide an excellent service. I so appreciated 3 mental health appointments and I recommend Health Care plus to my friends

LB, Member since 1993 from Auckland 24/03/2022

I appreciate your efforts to be up-to-date with health trends and it seems that you endeavour to reach out to your clients, even if I just skim through at times! All positive, I feel trusted and fairly treated thank you.

MP, Member since 2016 from Christchurch 24/08/2021

 Our family has belonged for two generations. We also belong to another health insurance provider. We feel Healthcare really cares about its customers.

CP, Member since 2003 from Auckland 28/07/2021

 As a retired couple we value the practical support provided, and the ease of applying for reimbursement. Real value for money from a trustworthy organisation.

JL, Member since 2004 from Dunedin 25/08/2021