It's Good to Belong

We regularly ask our Members to tell us why it's good to belong ,  so you don't need to take our word for it .  We've collected a few of them below, so that you can read in their own words what they think of our healthcare plans,  how easy it is to make claim and why it's good to belong.

— About our plans


We have been a member of Health Care Plus for over 15years. It has provided cover and benefits for our family at an affordable rate over this time . One family member also had several accident and health issues to recover from. Part payment for the procedures and xrays at the time was very helpful and appreciated.

MB, Member since 1998 from Christchurch 3/6/2020

Have been involved since 1971 and this has enabled great savings on medical, pharmaceutical & dental care.

SS, Member since 1986 from Levin 18/06/2020

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It deals with our needs and is a comfort when we need medical care - knowing we won't have to pay the full amount.

CB, Member since 1999 from Tauranga 29/10/2020

It covers my doctor’s visits and prescription at 50%. I have used it twice to pay the excess on surgery. I can use it for podiatrists and change of vision lenses. I am happy with this.

LC, Member since 1987 from Stratford 24/02/2021

It's a comprehensive and well thought out plan. I upgraded to this plan from the standard one… Quick and easy. The person I dealt with was professional, polite, friendly and helpful.

CA, Member since 2001 from Christchurch 06/03/2020

Communication good. Any queries always answered to my satisfaction. Very affordable rates - mainly used for doctor"s visits and change of vision with my glasses.

SW, Member since 1986 from Auckland 03/06/2020

So positive. It is my cheapest healthcare insurance and I claim so regularly. I am sure I receive in GP/Dental and pharmacy refunds more than my premiums are.

TT, Member since 2015 from Auckland 03/06/2020

Very affordable; policy documents are well set out and easy to read; quick processing of claims; hardly had any issues; good policy coverage and therefore, good value for money

MR, Member since 2016 from Halmiton 11/06/2020

— About our claim experience


Any claims I have made during the many years I have been a member, have been processed with efficiency and within a short time frame. My Health Care Representative has been excellent, and is always available and willing to explain and clarify any claim issues or concerns.

PB, Member since 1993, Kerikeri 30/07/2020

Positive. Claim forms are easy to fill in, it can all be done online and reimbursement occurs fast.

AM, Member since 2017 from Christchurch 29/10/2020

I'm impressed with the ease of claiming and the range of treatments covered.

IS, Member since 1986 from Wellington 26/08/2020

Easy to claim, so glad I have this cover for my family, been absolute value for money.

ST, Member since 2016 from Tauranga 25/06/2020

I have been a member since clerical workers came under the NZEI umbrella and I have valued my membership. Claims are always processed quickly and it just gets easier with technology.

ML, Member since 1995 from Haumoana 26/02/2021

They are helpful in answering queries. Claims are repaid in a timely fashion. Information is given about how the money is reimbursed. Limitations of each plan (eg 6 months until a dental claim can be made) are stated clearly up front.

KS, Member since 1995 from Auckland 31/07/2020

I have belonged since 1966 when it was EBS and have continued through the changes as I am now a part time teacher. My claims have been sympathetically dealt with.

ML, Member since 2001 from Kumeru 24/02/2021

It is easy to make claims, it is helpful to be able to claim back for medical expenses such as prescriptions, doctor visits and glasses/contact lenses

RG, Member since 1986 from Opunake 03/06/2020

I have been a member of EBS since 1982. It took me a while to realise how useful it would be... When I finally realised what I was missing out on I started to be very careful about claiming regularly and I have recommended the system to many teachers over the years.

AH, Member since 1986 from Nelson 06/07/2020

— Why it's good to belong


With HealthCarePlus I have none of the cliches issues typical of insurance companies where client trust is low and companies try to get out of honoring claims. What HealthCarePlus guidelines say I CAN claim has always been delivered when applied for. There are very clear guidelines for what is covered and it is a quick, easy claim process

TC, Member since 2014 from Whangaparaoa 3/6/2020

The claim form is easy to use and submit. HealthCare reps are wonderful to deal with and the organisation is a positive community supporter.

CS, Member since 1991 from Tauranga 01/05/2021

I'm impressed with the ease of claiming and the range of treatments covered.

IS, Member since 1986 from Wellington 26/08/2020

Really good, caring and understanding, trying very hard to make health care affordable and accessible

JD, Member since 2015 from Auckland 24/06/2020

Easy and affordable- very friendly staff who give timely and polite advice. Cover works well for my wife and me. Keeps me up to date with health and well-being issues and changes in the market

GT, Member since 1986 from LincoIn 03/05/2021

Really pleased I am able to have a cover that isn't too expensive while on one wage with two kids. When ringing, emailing and claiming I have always had fast, efficient and helpful communications with people.

CH, Member since 1998 from Upper Hutt 24/07/2020

I have always found that the folk at the receiving end of either my emails or telephone calls are helpful, knowledgeable and empathetic.

RW, Member since 1986 from Hasting 24/02/2021

Very affordable; policy documents are well set out and easy to read; quick processing of claims; hardly had any issues; good policy coverage and therefore, good value for money.

MR, Member since 2016 from Hamilton 11/06/2020

I've told my health colleagues from University they would be mad not to join HealthCare Plus. Great family friendly insurance polices and friendly helpful service. I've belonged for years. Very happy.

LC, Member since 2012 from Canterbury 24/06/2020